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As someone who is into communication, connection and a hopeful vision for the future, my life continues to take me to interesting places: I am proud to present some here...
I'm also excited to announce that I am finishing work on my newest CD which will be entitled, "Playing With Shadows".  It will be an instrumental album of original acoustic guitar and piano pieces.  I am excited by the fact that Michael Manring (of Windham Hill fame) has been recording with me and he adds so much to the pieces.  The CD should be completed by this summer, 2014.
I created this site because I am involved in numerous projects in my life and wanted to share more about some of them.  I am quite proud of the work I do with people, both as a presenter and as a counselor/therapist.  I am also excited about the music I’ve created over the past 20+ years and have enjoyed the many experiences and events I have been lucky enough to share with others. 

So take a while and check out this site, and don’t forget to listen to some music while you’re here.  Thanks for visiting! df.

RECENT UPDATE: If you'd like to download songs from my recent solo piano CD of xmas tunes, click here.