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My new album
Playing With Shadows,
made top 25 albums of the year for 2015
on Zone Music Reporter, which charts
International radio airplay for instrumental music! 

Released on March 1, 2015:

“Utterly blissful…”  “It had me in tears…”  “One of the finest albums I have heard this year…” Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

“This music awaits you; soothes, relaxes and brings to mind…a very spiritual atmosphere…”  “Holds beauty and elegance all at the same time…” Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

“Engaging…expressive and flowing…”  “David’s abilities as a composer and multi-instrumentalist shine throughout…” Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

“The music resonates to the core of your being; you can feel this music as much as hear it…”  8Notes.com

“Fresh, invigorating…”   Heartfelt music that touches the listener deeply…”  Harmony Central 

“A meditative CD with soft songs which can provide healing…”   Keys & Chords (Translated from Belgian)

Nearly three years in the making, this instrumental album has 18 tracks of acoustic piano and guitar pieces.  Special guests include Michael Manring (fretless bass on 10 tracks), Rick Corrigen (acordian) & Alex Franklin (electric guitar).  It was mixed and mastered by Warren Kahn.

CDs and digital downloads are available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and more!


From the Liner Notes of the CD:

This was originally going to be a solo piano album.  The inspiration was partly the purchase of my full-sized grand, and the fact that after 40 years as a musician, I am finally starting to understand the instrument.

However, when Michael Manring agreed to record with me, my instrumental guitar pieces became what I wanted to explore.  As time continued and my vision clarified, I realized there was a lot of chemistry between my piano and guitar pieces, and that recording with Michael was the perfect glue to hold it all together.  

I've gone through many phases in my musical life: a keyboardist in a New York rock band, a singer-songwriter touring with my guitar which was never in standard tuning, a drummer supporting myself through college or playing with and recording found-sounds (such as on Shadowlands).  But even though this is my 8th full-length album, it's the one that feels most natural.

The album is entitled Playing With Shadows because I'm playing with my own shadows:  historically I've had difficulty allowing my innermost musical tendencies be experienced. But by playing with these energies and doing my homework around these beliefs, I'm allowing my musical feelings to be heard.  It may sound strange, but it makes sense to me somehow...
My hope is that the sounds of these quiet instruments may inspire a few people become more grounded and present, so that they can feel a deeper sense of connection with themselves and others. And I hope that in the most positive of ways, you yourself are inspired to play with your own shadows.
Thanks for listening! 
David Franklin, Oakland, CA.